Consortium members
Philips Healthcare

Philips Healthcare NL develops complete MR Imaging systems, including software for data acquisition, serviceability, patient administration and image viewing. In SoRTS the PH NL work will focus on MRI system architecture development to create a real-time interface with therapy systems. To enable real-time image creation, feature recognition, and planning evaluation PH NL takes the lead in developing new approaches to iterative and feature-constrained algorithms, for deployment in real-time architectures. PH NL is overall project leader and country coordinator for the Netherlands.

Electa - Nucletron

Nucletron develops brachy planning and therapy systems. In SoRTS Nucletron will turn the static brachy planning process into a dynamic process, through real-time MR imaging during the whole radioactive treatment. Therefore the Afterloader has to be redesigned to become MRI compatible, and the radioactive source must be detectable in the MRI image. Both do not exist at the moment, which requires new designs for afterloader and radioactive source. Nucletron is leader of WP1.

technolution Technolution will develop an architecture framework for integration of high-performance heterogeneous real-time platforms. The emphasis is on enabling the integration of existing applications with very few adaptations to the new framework. The new platform based on the architecture will enable new products in medical treatment, medical imaging, electron microscopy, traffic management and adjacent markets. SoRTS will enable Technolution to improve its capability in providing solutions for real-time multi-core hardware for medical and for non-medical applications.
UMC Utrecht will work on various aspects of real-time integration of MRI and therapy systems, including clinical requirements analysis, image feature reconstruction, systems interfacing, image analysis, image-based therapy planning and validation of image-guided interventional therapies. The envisaged applications are all in the area of MR-guided oncological interventions, MR-guided linear accelerator radiation therapy, MR-guided brachytherapy and MR-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) ablation of tumours. UMCU is leader of WP4 on clinical validation.
Philips Healthcare SF: MR Therapy segment develops innovative, MRI based minimally invasive therapy solutions for various medical conditions. In SoRTS PH SF takes the lead in designing the real-time TPS. This coordinator will be based on a PC platform with dedicated high speed interfaces towards both the real-time bus of the imaging systems as to the bus of the therapeutic system. This R&D work is the basis for further development in its Sonalleve MRI guided HIFU therapy system. PH SF is leader of WP2 on Real-time architecture and platform.
Elekta Elekta is one of the market leaders for radiation therapy and radiosurgery systems. Elekta’s role in this project will be mainly related to the modifications of the current Linac control system in order to receive real time MRI Images and perform a plan adaptation and drive the beam to follow the patient‘s anatomical changes. This R&D work will require the development of dedicated dose calculation and inverse planning algorithms that are able to provide the necessary performance for a real time adaptive system. Elekta will be also involved in the definition of the real time interface between the therapeutic and the imaging system. Elekta is leader of WP3 on Real-time therapeutic intervention systems and Country Coordinator for Sweden.